منحة التكييف لمهندسى الميكانيكا و الميكاترونيك و الكهرباء

HVAC Scholarship Contents
1. Introduction
Introduction To HVAC Course
Read Architectural Drawing
Introduction to AutoCAD program
Project Data collection
2. Load Estimation ( HAP Software)
Introduction To HAP Software
Spaces( General – Internal load – Schedule – Walls, Windows,
3. Load Estimation ( HAP Software)
Spaces (Roof, Skylights – Infiltration – Floors – Partition )
Systems ( Report – Check report )
4. Load Estimation ( HAP Software)
Case study
5. Air Conditioning Systems
Introduction ( D.X. Systems – Chiller Systems )
D.X. Systems ( Decorative – Ducted )
Unite selection ( Decorative – Ducted )
Read Catalog
6. Air Systems
Duct systems Design (Mcquay Software )
Rectangular Duct Design
Round Duct Design
Static presser Calculation
Duct insulation
Fan System Interface
7. Air Distribution
Air Distribution Applications
Air Outlets Selection ( From Catalog )
8. Air Systems
Case Study
9. Chiller Systems
Introduction to Chiller Systems
Piping Design
Hook Up
Pump Selection
10.Chiller Systems
Chiller systems Type
Cooling Tower Selection
Fan Coil selection
Air Handling unite
All data From ASHRAE Fundamental 2013
Static pressure Calculation from (ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database)
Unit selection from Carrier catalog
Air Outlet Selection from (Al-ANDALOSIA – GGC – Dasco)


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