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Export Import Management

This is for graduates who wish to have a specialized knowledge and skills in the field of Foreign Trade (ie) Export & Imports. The content of the course will reflect the real world situation and equip the students to meet the varying needs of business. The learners of this course will take a lead in exploiting existing and emerging foreign trade opportunities and we encourage and mould you to develop an innovative and creative approach.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

This course explores the range of the themes specific to logistics and Supply Chain Mechanism. It has a strong domestic and international flavour and improves your practical management skills and employability in this field. The course is also suitable for people looking for self employment. The course is designed keep in mind to meet the response to the increasing demand of workforce in the fields of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
Main Topics

Supply Chain Management
Planning Management
Procurement Management
Supplier Management
Inventory Management
Inventory Planning


International trading
Introduction to Outsourcing & Procurement.
Modes of Freight.
Payment terms & conditions.
Shipping documents.
Types of LC’s.
72 Hour
Certified from Canadian Academy



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